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Meet Deborah

Deborah Nolan works with individuals, couples, and families using a strength-based, humanistic approach in a non-judgmental and safe therapeutic environment. Using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), clients are encouraged to discover unhelpful negative thought patterns and unruly emotional reactions to life’s daily challenges and struggles. Deborah incorporates mindfulness restoration techniques, deep breathing exercises, paired muscle relaxation, and meditative reflections to develop healthy coping skills. Relaxed physiology uses less oxygen, allowing your heart rate and breathing to slow down naturally, reducing anxiety. Deborah delivers a unique strategy for reducing the magnitude of daily stress and improving one’s dynamic relationships with family and friends. She provides a person-focused, individual plan for achieving self-directed personal goals and objectives, leading to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Meet Emily

Emily Tyburski is a Limited Licensed Master in Social Work. She works with individuals and families with person-centered care. She utilizes a strengths-based approach to help clients set goals and manage stress with mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. Emily values and emphasizes an open, nonjudgemental, and safe environment for clients to participate in therapy.